Nutritional Information

Our partners can now pass product nutritional information via our API. This is becoming more and more important and sometimes required from local legislation. To facilitate this, we have implemented this feature for both POS and Channel API partners.


POS partners can pass this information, supplemental information and additives via the product push/sync by adding the relevant objects in the payload for each item. The nutritional values are in gram. Supplemental information and additives are a list of strings.

"nutritionalInfo": {
                "fat": 1,
                "sugar": 4,
                "saturatedFat": 1,
                "carbohydrates": 1,
                "protein": 1,
                "salt": 1
          "supplementalInfo": {
          "instructionsForUse": "Cool before drink.",
          "ingredients": [
          "additives": [
            "Artificial Food Coloring",
            "Sodium Nitrite",
          "prepackaged": true,
          "deposit": 0


Channel partners will receive this information via the menu push, provided the POS in use has implemented this.