Query which Channels are integrated with a location

Is it possible to query all the channels that are integrated with a specific location?

Get receipt

I see the POS certification form we have received refer to get receipt, but I can not see this documented in the API. I presume this must be a webhook for our system? Also, I see the order webhook no longer refers to a return value (earlier we were supposed to return an orderId). How can this work? https://developers.deliverect.com/reference/post-orders-webhook

Failed order response

Would you please provide me the failed status get on create order API response?


The api https://api.staging.deliverect.com/allChannels Is meant to give channels for a specific location , however you don't give it the location. I have a situation where different locations use different channels ... I am missing something ?

How to get the API agreement with Deliverect

Hello, I can't find the contact form or an email address to get in touch with the API team

Order Delivery Update

Hello, I want to pass an order delivery status to an order but when I try, I get the following error message : { "message": "exceptions must derive from BaseException" } One more thing, How do I pass the status integer value in this endpoint : https://api.staging.deliverect.com/fulfillment/location/{orderId} How will it know which location's OrderId is this? Since there can be same Order Id for a different Location

Order Statuses

Hey! Wanted to confirm the following Order status flow for a system. Please validate if there might be any issues. Order Received from Deliverect -> ACCEPTED -> PREPARING -> PREPARED -> READY FOR PICKUP -> IN-DELIVERY -> FINALIZED(After this status, the system doesn't make any changes to the order, hence it is closed).

Sample JSON file for Menu push

When pushing the menu to deliverect there are two ways. First one creating from scratch second on uploading a JSON file. I couldn't find the structure of JSON. Can you please give me that?

What's the difference between Generic channel and integration channel link ?

I've doubts about the difference between generic channel and integration channel links. I'm confused about how can I find the channel name exactly. I tried ``` 1. Generic channel name 2. Outside of channel name with Id 3. Integration name as well ``` If you give where I can find the exact channel name that would be nice.

the docs for snoozing/unsnoozing items do not match reality

There is property named "allSnoozedItems" that, according to the examples in the docs, is supposed to be in the request body at the following path "operations[].data.allSnoozedItems", but when testing I receive it at a slightly different path "operations[].allSnoozedItems". Besides this, when snoozing, "allSnoozedItems" includes the currently snoozed items not once, but twice. Lastly, when unsnoozing, "allSnoozedItems" includes all the items the should be snoozed, not the all the items that should be unsnoozed, despite the documentation saying that it should be the list of all the items that should be unsnoozed. So I'm quite confused about what should I expect for this webhook and what should I return.