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POS integration

Integrate your POS with Deliverect to allow an effortless setup process for our customers, let your customers sync products, and receive online orders directly in their POS.

Channel integration

Integrate your online ordering, click & collect, or kiosk channel with Deliverect to help restaurants increase their revenue and uptime, and optimize their daily operations.

Dispatch integration

Integrate your fulfillment or dispatch solution with Deliverect to help customers manage their own last-mile delivery experience without relying on a third-party partner.

Store integration

Integrate your store management capabilities with Deliverect to help your customers manage their stock, store opening hours, and store availabilities.

Certification tests

After receiving information about your staging account, start testing your integration using the certification document provided to you in the welcome email.

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Reach out to our API support team for assistance, troubleshooting, and assisted guidance with your Deliverect integration.

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Get started quickly and seamlessly by executing some predefined API requests in Postman.

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