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the docs for snoozing/unsnoozing items do not match reality

There is property named "allSnoozedItems" that, according to the examples in the docs, is supposed to be in the request body at the following path "operations[].data.allSnoozedItems", but when testing I receive it at a slightly different path "operations[].allSnoozedItems".

Besides this, when snoozing, "allSnoozedItems" includes the currently snoozed items not once, but twice.

Lastly, when unsnoozing, "allSnoozedItems" includes all the items the should be snoozed, not the all the items that should be unsnoozed, despite the documentation saying that it should be the list of all the items that should be unsnoozed.

So I'm quite confused about what should I expect for this webhook and what should I return.