Deliverect API Deprecation Policy

We announce deprecations on our Developer Hub, on a regular basis to discover the APIs, features or attributes that we will soon deprecate.

We will avoid deprecations where we cannot ensure backward compatibility

Our deprecation policy describes how we communicate deprecations where backward compatibility cannot be ensured and offer an alternative to partners who might be impacted.

The Deliverect Deprecation policy is part of our API terms and conditions. The Deliverect Deprecation policy refers to the following Deliverect APIs:

  • Channel API
  • Dispatch API
  • Store API
  • Reporting endpoints

The Deliverect Deprecation policy conforms to the following rules:

  • An element that is to be deprecated will be identified in the documentation and the changelog on the Deliverect Developer Hub.
  • An element that is to be deprecated will be accompanied by the expected retirement date.
  • The affected API documentation will describe an alternative method. If there is no migration path, it should state that there is none.
  • Deprecated API elements are maintained for at least 3 months after the announcement on the Deliverect Developer Hub.
  • After 3 months, the deprecated API element will be removed from the documentation on the Deliverect Developer Hub.
  • After 3 months, the deprecated element may be removed from the affected API.
  • Deliverect will proactively communicate the deprecated elements to all users who are using the affected API at the time of the deprecation announcement.
    Elements marked as Beta can be changed at any time and thus are exempt from the deprecation policy.

Deprecation Documentation

The deprecated element, together with its deprecation date, on the Deliverect Developer Hub. This will be documented in the following 2 places:

  • The changelog
  • The API reference documentation for that specific element

Deprecation policy exceptions

A situation may occur where this policy becomes a serious impediment to the development of an API, or its application becomes undesirable for security reasons. In such cases, Deliverect has the right to break the backward compatibility and will proactively communicate the changes to all users using the affected API.