Order Status


If you receive a status that is not documented above, it can safely be ignored in most cases. Contact Deliverect to receive details.

Deliverect status tagDescriptionInteger value
RECEIVED (system status)Set by Deliverect once received by POS Order Webhook2
PARSED (system status)received and parsed by Deliverect1
SENT TO DMA (internal status)Order is sent to the Delivery Manager App*3
BEFORE_DELIVERECT_PARSE (internal status)Applies before parsed order is sent to the POS4
RECEIPT NOT FOUNDWhen the order was accepted but we cannot find a receipt yet, we will keep retrying this5
RECEIVED BY DMA (internal status)Order injected into the Delivery Manager App*6
PRINTED BY DMA (internal status)Order printed in the Deliverect App7
NEWReceived into the POS and receipt is created10
ACCEPTEDAccepted is a confirmation the order is in the POS workflow20
SCHEDULED (system status)order has been received in Deliverect and is 'buffered', awaiting POS injection based on 'average preparation time' and 'pickup time'25
DUPLICATE (system status)order has been received multiple times on the POS due to a technical error30
DENIED (deprecated)order is denied by the restaurant (incoming order was deliberately not accepted)35
PRINTEDTicket of order is printed40
PREPARINGin preparation50
PREPAREDis prepared60
READY FOR PICKUPinforming the order is completed and ready70
IN DELIVERY (dispatch status)The Delivery partner has confirmed the job is assigned to a courier for the completion of the delivery80
EN ROUTE TO PICKUPSpecific stage of the courier approaching the pickup location83
ARRIVED AT PICK UPCourier has arrived at the pick up location85
EN ROUTE TO DROPOFFSpecific stage of the courier approaching the dropoff location87
FINALIZEDfinalized, order is fully handled and no further POS status updates are coming90
AUTO FINALIZEDOrder has been accepted by the POS, but no further status updates are supported (not advised as can cause delivery complications)95
CANCELshould be voided. This status is applied by online channels when an order should be voided on the POS100
CANCELEDhas been voided on POS110
FAILEDorder has not been successful for any number of reasons120
POS RECEIVED FAILED (system status)not received by POS121
RETRY FAILED (system status)order insert retry failed122
MANUAL RETRY (system status)manual retry of failed order123
PARSE FAILED (system status)Order parsing by deliverect failed124
UNKNOWN LOCATION (system status)Invalid location125
CANCEL FAILEDPOS did not accept cancellation126
RESOLVED (internal status)User has acknowledged a failed order on the Delivery Manager App129