Product Availability

There are certain indicators of a product's availability which are communicated to ordering platforms.


A product can be in a "visible": true/false state which equates to a status of Enabled/Disabled. For any disabled product, it would not be communicated within the Menu payload, it would simply be omitted.

Snooze Webhooks

A customer can choose to set real-time availability from Deliverect and choose to have a product made available / unavailable online.

▶ Snooze Webhooks

Snooze Status in Menu Payload

Each product in the menu payload includes a property product.snoozed that can be utilized to determine whether the product is currently snoozed (true) or not (false). If you require information about the snooze period, you can reference the product.snoozeId and cross-reference this ID in the menu.snoozeProducts to retrieve additional details such as the start and end dates of the snooze period.

"snoozed": true,
"snoozeId": "656489f1ddbd498cf2186ab7",
"snoozedProducts": {
    "656489f1ddbd498cf2186ab7": {
    "location": "61c30761e41eefadd03072af",
    "name": "White Rice",
    "plu": "RICE-01",
    "snoozeEnd": "2023-12-18 15:48:42.367000",
    "snoozeStart": "2023-12-18 09:48:42.561000"

If you use multiple menus in one location (for different channels etc.) It's possible that a product snoozed on one menu is available on another menu in the same location.