Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we would like to share with you the most frequently asked questions from our partners and customers.

Become a Deliverect Partner

Q: How to become a Partner?

A: First you need to complete this form and one of our Partnership team members will contact you.

Q: What happens when I sign up with Deliverect?

A: Once you sign up you will receive a Welcome email with access to your staging account as well as your API keys.

Getting Started

Q: What do I need to do after I receive my staging account and my API credentials

A: After receiving all the information about your staging account, you can start testing your integration using the Certification document as a checklist.Please note that your certification document is provided in the welcome email.

Q: What do I need to become a certified Partner?

A: To become a certified Parner you need support all the required functionality and features that are outlined in the certification document.

All about Deliverect integrations

Q: Can I add more items on the current order?

A: Once the order is placed, you cannot amend any modifications to it.

Q: Can I poll order from Deliverect?

A: No,it’s not possible, you need to use your Orders webhook URL to get the orders

Q: Does Deliverect have a Reporting API?

A: Deliverect does not have a Reporting API, however you will be able to collect order data using our Reporting Endpoint feature. Please use this guide for more information

Certification process questions

Q: How/when do I get access to production?

A: You will get access to production environment once you pass your certification.

Q: How long it takes to be certified?

A: It really depends how ready you are with your integration.In average it will take 2 certification calls to finish the certification.

Post Certification

Q: How/when do I get access to production?

A: You will get access to production once you pass the certification.Right after the completion of the certification process you will receive the production credentials.

Q:How do I go live with my first customer?

A: Our team will help you on the onboarding of your first customer.