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POSt channel status only relevant Id is the `channelLinkId` ?

In the POST channel status endpoint(, we need to listen to a location register event. We get as a response the following: ``` { "status": "active", "channelLocationId": "{{externalChannelLocationId}}", "channelLinkId": "{{channelLinkId}}", "locationId": "{{locationId}}", "channelName": "Space Channel" } ``` It seems to us that the only useful Id here is only the `channelLinkId`, since this is the same Id that we receive in the POST menu push call. Is there any benefit for us to store the `locationId` and the `channelLocationId`? Or can we just disregard them? Thank you for your time

more than one branch for one restaurant

I need to add more than one branch for the same restaurant !? Note: all branches uses the same menu

Can I start testing integration (Sandbox, testing server...etc) before siging API agreement

Hello there, I am trying to build a POC and want to test integration with your API before signing API agreement, is that possible?

Integration with an in-house dining app

How do I integrate Deliverect with an in-house dining app, so that the app can download the menu from deliverect and send orders to Deliverect?

Send a payment for exist order

Hey! On is written that for create unpaid order is required to send flag "orderIsAlreadyPaid": false But how to add payment for this order later, my system support pay-after, but not sure that it is supported by deliverect.

Menu Multi Selector

Hello, I just wanted to know that, In menu's which (products, Modifiers, Modifier-groups or Bundles) are multi-select and which one are Uni-select. I found the (products, Modifiers, Modifier-groups or Bundles) with multimax and max greater than zero are multi-select, But I came across scenarios where max is 0 min is 1 and also there is no multimax still that category (products, Modifiers, Modifier-groups or Bundles) are multi-select. Can you tell me help me to differentiate which categories are multi-select and which one's are uni-select. Thank You

Provide JSON structure for webhook get products

Hello, can you provide more details on how the webhook **get products** from a POS should returns? I couldn't find anything related to that in Thank you.

menu modifiers

hello, I need to know something in testing data, Inside the Modifiers object there are duplicates like ( two Pepperoni ) with different ids and different plu, but both pepperonis appear in the UI of the menu-publish as Only one Modifier as a parent with customization of two child pepperonis in two different modifier groups. So, how is the connection between two child pepperonis and parent pepperoni ?? knowing that posProductId and modifier name is same between two modifiers (pepperonis) in testing data. thank you

the unique identifier plu or _id

I came through previous questions and found something interested 1 - in this one, Here your answer means that [plu] is the unique identifier but as example category array contain product & subproduct array contain [_id] !! what to do, I need to use plu as you said but it's not exist in testing data !!! 2-Can i use [_id] as unique identifier or its outdated ? Thank you...

Menu managment

hello, I need to ask about duplicate products and modifiers with the same (PosProductId, name). but different (_id, Plu ). Are they same product/Modifier? or add them as 2 separate items? Thankyou