Glossary - Product Insert


Please note that all the fields marked with ( * ) are required.

accountId * requiredThe customer account ID in Deliverect string
locationId * requiredThe specific customer's location ID in Deliverect string
products.productType * requiredSpecifies the product type being inserted. See section here for productTypes. integer
products.plu * requiredUnique identifier for a product. It comes from the POS. string
products.price * requiredDefined by a an int with 2 decimal digits.
i.e. 5 euros is stored as 500.
integer * requiredName for the productstring
products.posProductIdInternal reference ID for the product coming from the POS. Optional use.string
products.posCategoryIds * requiredProducts should belong at least to one category defined by an array of posCategoryIds. It's important to have at least one category per product.array of strings
products.imageUrlImage URL. See section here for more detailsstring
products.descriptionProduct descriptionstring
products.deliveryTax * required Tax rate for delivery order,
int with 3 decimal digits.See section here for more details.
products.takeawayTax * required)Tax rate for pickup order, int with 3 decimal digits.
See section here for more details.
products.eatInTax * required)Tax rate for pickup order, int with 3 decimal digits.
See section here for more details.
products.multiMaxDefines how many times can the same modifier be chosen.integer
products.min * required)Minimum quantity for a modifier.integer
products.max * required)Maximum quantity for a modifier.integer
products.defaultQuantityMakes a modifier preselected by default.integer
isComboIndicates product is a combo.bool
isVariantIndicates a product is a variant.bool
isVariantGroupIndicates the group contains variants.bool
products.priceLevelsObject containing the posIds specified on the priceLevels array and their corresponding price.

"priceLevels": { "UE": 900, "DL": 850, "TA": 825 }
autoApply.pluA predefined set of products is applied to the order. See [section here](pre-defined set of sub products applied) for more details.string
sortOrderDefines the order in which the products will be auto-applied. See [section here](pre-defined set of sub products applied) for more details.integer
overloadsSpecifies price variances from 'base' price dependant on where option is offered
overloads.scopesDefine surcharges applied to the specific modifier group or bundle. See section here for more details. string
overloads.priceDetermines the price for the overload.
See section here for more details.
overloads.bundlePriceDetermines the price for the overload when the grouping is a bundle.
See section here for more details.
beverageInfo.caffeineCaffeine content (in mg)integer
beverageInfo.alcoholAlcohol content (in % )integer
nutritionalInfo.netQuantity.amountvalue of the quantity amountinteger
nutritionalInfo.netQuantity.countUnitDescriptionthe unit of the quantity amountstring
nutritionalInfo.servingSize.amountthe serving size amountinteger
nutritionalInfo.servingSize.unitTypethe unit of the serving size amountinteger
nutritionalInfo.servingSize.countUnitDescriptionthe serving size unitstr
The unit of the values is gram. All values listed explained in this section here in more detail.integer
calorieskcal / Cals
caloriesRangeHighif a range is supported it's be min = calories and caloriesRangeHigh
packaging.reusableWhether packaging is reusablebool
packaging.storageInstructionsHow to store an itemstring
supplementalInfo.instructionsForUseInstructions for the use.
"Cool before drink."
See section here for more information.
supplementalInfo.ingredientse.g. "Water"array of strings
supplementalInfo.fbo.nameFood business operator namestring
supplementalInfo.fbo.addressFood business operator addressstring
supplementalInfo.fbo.brandFood business operator brand name
supplementalInfo.fbo.countryOfOriginFood business operator country of origin
supplementalInfo.legalNameThe legal name of the productstring
supplementalInfo.additivese.g. ["Artificial Food Coloring", "PRESERVATIVES_NITRATE"]array of enums as strings
supplementalInfo.prepackagedIndicates if the item is prepackaged. bool
supplementalInfo.depositValue of the deposit if applicable.integer
productTagse.g.108 = mustard (see guide here)array of integer
categories * required)Name for the category.string
categories.posCategoryId * required)Id assigned for the category.string
priceLevelsSee section here for more information.array
priceLevels.nameName for the priceLevelstring
priceLevels.posIdId for the priceLevel.
Value used inside the array products.priceLevels