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What is a channel?

Channels are online stores that allow customers to place orders. They are connected to Deliverect and allow for the transmission of orders.

What is the purpose of a channel link ID?

A channel link ID is unique to a channel. When building an integration to send orders to a customer location in Deliverect, we will provide you with a test channel in our staging environment. Reference your test channel by that unique ID to form part of the dispatch delivery order endpoint.

What is the purpose of a Scope?

A Channel Scope or {{channelName}} is provided for ordering integrations. The scope will be used in the Create Order and Cancel Order URLs.


The scope will remain valid unless revoked and when provided should be hard coded in an integration.

Build a channel integration

The steps to build a channel integration with Deliverect are as follows:

  1. Implement the Channel Registration Webhook URL. It allows registering or activating new channels. The response should include all the relevant webhooks for the integration.  

  2. Implement Menu Push (including Menu Availabilities
  3. Create Orders via endpoint
  4. Order Status Webhook URL to receive the status updates coming from the POS
  5. Snooze/Unsnooze products webhook
  6. Busy Mode Webhook