Get Access Token

How to obtain a machine to machine access token


A client_id and client_secret are unique credentials provided to any partner beginning an integration with Deliverect. These can be used to access all customer accounts which we've connected to your partner account.

If you have already been provided a partner account and credentials, you can obtain an OAuth token with this endpoint and begin making calls with our API.

Don't forget to cache this token! You should only request a new one when your current one has expired.

You can use this tool to see the contents of the token.

Only certified integrations will be provided partner credentials for our production environment.

Never share your partner credentials with anyone else


API Credentials

Please be aware that we provide one clientId and one clientSecret which allows access to all connected customer accounts and these credentials don't change per integrated account.


Channel Scope

A {{channelName}} is a provided ‘scope’ for ordering integrations. It will remain valid unless revoked and when provided should be hardcoded in an integration


As a Partners you might have multiple scopes depends on your integrations, e.g. Partner can have POS, Channel and Sore scopes.

When we call your endpoint

For information on HMAC Authentication see the link here

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