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Build a POS integration

See the main steps to cover when building a POS Integration with Deliverect:

Step 1. Follow the instructions in this guide on how to set up your Register POS Webhook URL

Step 2. Perform a product sync in Deliverect to retrieve products from the POS

Step 3. Retrieve the channels integrated with Deliverect to recognise the ordering platform

Step 4. Configure the Order Notification webhook to receive all new orders

Step 5. Send order status updates to mark the order progression in the POS

ℹ️ In order to create test orders, first create a test menu in Deliverect and then send test orders

Available endpoints

The following endpoints are available for the POS API.

Insert/update productsPOSTAdd or modify products from a POS to a Deliverect account
Get Categories for AccountGETRetrieve existing product categories of a Deliverect account
Get Integrated ChannelsGETRetrieve all channels available in Deliverect
Get Allergens and TagsGETRetrieve the allergens and tags available in Deliverect
Get Account BrandsGETRetrieve the brands of a Deliverect account
POST Bill UpdatePOSTDeliver the details of a bill closed on a POS to Deliverect
Update Order StatusPOSTSend a status update of an order to Deliverect
Update Order Preparation TimePOSTSend a new preparation time of an order to Deliverect
Get Linked AccountsGETRetrieve the accounts linked to a Partner account
Get LocationsGETRetrieve the locations of a Deliverect account
Get Channel LinksGETRetrieve all channels for a location within a Deliverect account