Glossary - POS Orders


Please note that all the fields marked with ( * ) will always be present in the order payload.

_created * Order created timestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZstring
_updated * Updated order timestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZstring
_id * Unique identifier of the order in Deliverect. Please note cancel requests get a separate order _id (see cancellation guide here) string
account * Unique customer account ID in Deliverect string
channelOrderId * The full unique ID from the delivery channel. Together with the channel is guaranteed to be unique for 48h after pickup.string
channelOrderDisplayId * Alternative order ID set by ordering channel, primarily for convenience and readability. This is not unique and typically a shortened version of channelOrderIdconsisting of 4-5 alphanumeric characters, although may go up to 12 characters. string
posIdThe POS order IDstring
posReceiptIdProvided by the POS in response to incoming orders as a reference to a specific POS receipt.string
posLocationIdLocation ID set in Deliverect to identify the POS (used as part of POS Registration action)string
location * Unique ID for the POS to identify the store location string
channelLink * Unique identifier of the channel (merchant store) in Deliverectstring
status * Order status (see list here)integer
statusHistoryAll status history at time of order injectionarray [object]
statusHistory.timeStampAll timestamps are in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZstring
statusHistory.statusOrder status (full list here)integer
statusHistory.responseIn case of error, it will be populated herestring
statusHistory.sourceSource of status update 1=POS
2=Channel and
5 = Internal
packaging.includeCutlerySpecifies if cutlery should be included or notboolean
byOrder source (if known) e.g. 'app' or 'mobile' not the same as"channel" that specifies the ordering platform (see guide herestring
orderType * Type of order (see full list here) integer
channel * Unique ID of the channel (see GET Integrated channels) integer
posUnique ID of the POSinteger
ratingNot delivered to the POSstring
pickupTimePickup time order timestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ string
estimatedPickupTimeEstimated pickup time order timestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ string
deliveryTimeDelivery time order timestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ string
deliveryIsAsapSignifies if the order is required as soon as possible boolean
courierDetails of courierarray [object]
courier.firstNameCourier's first namestring
courier.lastNameCourier's last namestring
courier.phoneNumberCourier's phone numberstring
courier.deliveryByIdentifies who is delivering an order. There are only two possible variations;
If ordering platform is handling delivery, they'd specify their channel name e.g. ""
If restaurant is managing self delivery or fulfilment is handled by 3rd party, "restaurant" must be specified (essential for integrated Dispatch services to work)
courier.statusSee hereinteger
courierUpdateHistoryarray [object]
courierUpdateHistory.statusSee here all the Statusesinteger
courierUpdateHistory.receivedTimestamp when the update was receivedstring
courierUpdateHistory.courierCourier info updatesobject
courierUpdateHistory.arrivalTimeCourier arrival timestring
courierUpdateHistory.deliveryTimeCourier delivery timestring
courierUpdateHistory.sourceThe source from where the update is coming
2=Channel and
5 = Internal
customercustomer or end-userobject
customer.nameName of the customerstring
customer.companyNameCompany namestring
customer.phoneNumbere.g "+31618776767"string
customer.phoneAccessCodePhone access code used to contact channel support (e.g. 1123)string
customer.emailemail address where providedstring
customer.notenote from the customer (e.g. "Call once you arrive")string
customer.tintax identification numberstring
deliveryAddressProvided address for an orderobject
deliveryAddress.streetThis includes the street number where provided e.g. "Stationsstraat 79e"string
deliveryAddress.postalCodee.g. "3811 MH"string
deliveryAddress.citye.g. "Amersfoort"string
deliveryAddress.countrye.g. "Netherlands"string
deliveryAddress.coordinates.coordinatesLongitude and Latitude expressed as below;

"coordinates": { "coordinates": [ 9.124598503112793, 45.50004196166992 ] }
deliveryAddress.source"source" is sent to POS where address information exists. "source" should help POS to handle address variations from different countries.string
deliveryAddress.extraAddressInfoe.g. (second floor)string
orderIsAlreadyPaid * Statement of whether an order was paid online or not boolean
taxTotaltaxTotal is the sum of deliveryTax + serviceChargeTax + deliveryCostTax.integer
taxesAll taxes to an orderarray [object]
taxes.namee.g. VATstring
taxes.taxClassIde.g 0, 1 or 2integer
taxes.totalThe composite total of all taxesinteger
taxRemittedSome ordering platforms collect and pay taxes and share this info with us as a value-remitted tax. integer
payment.amount * Total amount tendered integer
payment.type * Payment method applied (full list here)integer
payment.dueAny outstanding amount payableinteger
payment.rebateThis includes any discounts offered by the channels. POS may need this information for reporting purposes. The ordering customer needs to pay the amount without the rebate, but the restaurant will receive the total amount from the channel.integer
noteOverall note for an orderstring
itemsAll the items included in a orderarray [object]
items.plu * Unique reference for the product string * Item namestring
items.price * Price set for iteminteger
items.quantity * Quantity of item ordered, for subItems quantity, see guide here integer
items.productType * Specific type of item hereinteger
items.remarkA note specific to an individual itemstring
items.isInternalNon-applicable to generic POS integrationsboolean
items.subItemsAll subitems are items associated with the product ordered. The quantity is multiplied by however many top-level items are ordered see guide herearray [object]
items.subitems.inBundleIndicates the subItems is contained inside a bundleboolean
items.productTagsIndicates the tags contained inside a productarray
items.isComboIndicates a product is a comboboolean
items.sortOrderThe 'stepped' order of any auto-applied items, where 0 is the first item to be listed (see guide here)integer
decimalDigitsPrecision of order and payment amountsinteger
numberOfCustomersIndicates how many diners (applicable to table ordering)integer
channelOrderRawIdDeliverect internal ID of an orderstring
channelOrderHistoryRawIdsNon-applicable to generic POS integrationsarray [string]
serviceChargeService charge appliedinteger
deliveryCostDelivery cost appliedinteger
bagFeeA surcharge applied for the packaginginteger
tipA tip intended for the restaurant operatorinteger
driverTipA tip intended for the driver/courierinteger
discountTotalOrdering platforms may offer multiple forms of discount e.g. % discount.

A discount total is sent as a minus value representing the deduction from the total order (see guide here)
negative integer
discountsAll applied discounts within an orderarray [object]
discounts.typeMapped channel discount type from the list of Discount Types in Deliverect.string
discounts.providerThe issuer of the discount i.e. the one who bears the discounted amount.Enum
discounts.nameThe name of the discount.string
discounts.channelDiscountCodeThe unique discount code used by the channelstring
discounts.referenceIdA unique identifier of the discount, where applicable, this will show against items included in discountinteger
discounts.valueIt is the flat amount of money or percentage covered by the discount which is stored with precision 2, so $1.50 -> 150,# 25.1% -> 2510integer
discounts.amountActual amount discounted e.g. 10% off on $50 bill, the value will be 1000 and amount will be 500.integer
discounts. amountRestaurantThe amount of the restaurant's contribution to the discount integer
discounts. amountChannelThe amount of the channel's contribution to the discountinteger
capacityUsagesNon-applicable to generic POS integrationsarray [string]
recentLegacy attributeboolean
resolvedByLegacy attributestring
brandIdAppears where customer operates multiple brands from one location Get account brandsstring
testOrderonly applicable as 'true' in staging environment via menu preview ordersboolean
timezonee.g. "Europe/London"
(see TZ list here)
dateOrder created date in format YMDinteger
tagsCustom tag(s) applied to the store location, typically a brand name e.g. "tags": ["Best Burger"]array [string]