Update Delivery

This webhook allows to persist updates from third party delivery systems to Deliverect.

Currently updates to following delivery information are supported. (See examples for technical details).

  • delivery status
  • pickup time & ETA
  • delivery time & ETA
  • courier information

Delivery Job Statuses:

Status NameMeaningInteger Value
EN_ROUTE_TO_PICKUPCourier approaching the pickup location83
ARRIVED_AT_PICKUPCourier has arrived at the pick up location85
EN_ROUTE_TO_DROPOFFCourier approaching the drop off location87
ARRIVED_AT_DROPOFFCourier has arrived at the drop off location89
DELIVEREDCourier has delivered the order90



Timestamp is in UTC

all timestamps are set as UTC time as per ISO8601

    "deliveryJobId": "61********************b4",
    "pickupTimeETA": "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSSSSSZ",
    "trackingUrl": "https://example.com",
    "courier": {
        "courierId": "1234",
        "firstName": "Mac",
        "lastName": "Miller",
        "phone": "",
        "transportType": "bicycle",
        "longitude": "",
        "latitude": ""
    "locations": [
            "orderId": "61********************b4",
            "status": 83,
            "deliveryTimeETA": "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSSSSSZZ"
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