The Way Discounts are Sent

What support does Deliverect have for discounts?

Our channel partners may offer multiple types of discounts or special offers on items. However, when orders are sent to Deliverect, only an overall order discount is supported.

How will this show in orders?

When we send an order to the POS, the total discount will show as a negative value. This is then taken off from the total order's value. The POS should clearly show the discounted total.

For this particular order, it is displayed as "discountTotal": -100, in the Deliverect order tab. -100 because the discount value is -€1.

Additional Discount Information

If the channels provide us with additional information on the discounts then you will get an extra "discounts" object in the payload.

 "discounts": [
      "type": "order_flat_off",
      "provider": "channel",
      "name": "Test discount",
      "channelDiscountCode": "test 1234",
      "referenceId": "testId",
      "value": -400,
      "amount": -400

Inside you will find information such as the discount type, name, and amount. You can find the meaning of each parameter in the table below (see all other attributes here - > order definitions.

discountsorder discountsarray [object]
discounts.typeMapped channel discount type from the list of Discount Types in Deliverect.string
discounts.providerThe issuer of the discount i.e. the one who bears the discounted amount.Enum
discounts.nameThe name was given to the discount.string
discounts.channelDiscountCodeThe unique discount code used by the channelstring
discounts.referenceIdA unique number assigned to the discount and used to reference the discount on individual items on the order.integer
discounts.valueIt is the flat amount of money or percentage covered by the discount which is stored with precision 2, so $1.50 -> 150,# 25.1% -> 2510integer
discounts.amountActual amount discounted e.g. For 10% off on $50 bill, the value will be 1000 and amount will be 500.integer