Find Out the Channel an Order Comes From

What is a channel?

A channel is any online platform that sends orders to Deliverect, e.g. a Click & Collect website or an online delivery service.

Why are they relevant for a POS system?

By integrating with Deliverect, a POS can receive orders from numerous channels. These orders will be sent in the same format. Differentiating orders by channel will be crucial for a few reasons:

  • When printing a ticket, making it clear which channel will be expected to collect the order (where order is for delivery).
  • Display on-screen information for users/kitchen teams to manage orders, which can inform which packaging, collection point, etc.
  • Include channel information in order/sales reporting.

Where can I see the channel in an order?

This shows as "channel": 1, where the integer relates to the channel (1 is Deliverect). This can be viewed by going to the Orders page, clicking on an order, then changing to the POS Order tab.


How do I know the value for all channels?

To return all available channels, you can use GET Integrated Channels endpoint.
This returns a list of the channels currently integrated with Deliverect.