Interpreting Modifiers & the Quantity Ordered

How are modifiers shown in the order dispatch?

Modifiers will show as sub-items.

Example order (modifier is contained in subItems)

"payment": {
    "amount": 1000,
    "type": 0,
    "due": 0
"note": "",
"items": [
  "plu": "P-0001",
  "name": "Patatas Grill",
  "sortOrder": 0,
  "price": 300,
  "quantity": 2,
  "productType": 1,
  "isInternal": false,
  "subItems": [
        "plu": "M-0070",
        "name": "Melted Cheese",
        "sortOrder": 0,
        "price": 100,
        "quantity": 2,
        "productType": 2,
        "isInternal": false,
        "subItems": []

How should quantity be interpreted and calculated?

In the above example, multiples of the same product Patatas Grill have been ordered, each with the same quantity of the sub-item Melted Cheese.

The calculation of quantity to allow for the correct charge is:

Total modifiers ordered = quantity of modifiers x quantity of products

This is shown in the example receipt below (the item price is multiplied by the quantity):


How should this be shown to the kitchen team?

In this example below, an additional single order of Patatas Grill has been ordered, but with 4 modifiers of Melted Cheese. This is the only way you could accurately display this to the kitchen.

It tells the kitchen to add 4 lots of Melted Cheese to this item, while the others only need to receive 2.