POST Register POS

This webhook is called when the POS is being registered in Deliverect. For instance, when a new customer adds a location, you will receive the "register" event. After this event, it should be possible to sync products and insert orders into the POS.


The register webhook URL needs to be standardised per integration. The rest of the webhooks can be customised.

The webhook payload contains information such as:

  • Deliverect account ID (accountId)
  • Deliverect location ID (locationId)
  • External location ID provided by the POS (externalLocationId)
  • Name of the location (locationName)

We always expect a JSON result containing the endpoints to:

  • Sync products from the POS to Deliverect (syncProductsURL)
  • Insert order from Deliverect to the POS (ordersWebhookURL)
  • Sync tables from the POS to Deliverect (syncTablesURL)
  • Sync floors from the POS to Deliverect (syncFloorsURL)

If an endpoint is empty or not included in this response, we will not use it.

    "locationName": "Space Bar"
  "ordersWebhookURL": "",
  "syncProductsURL": "",
  "syncTablesURL": "",
  "syncFloorsURL": ""