This webhook is called when the POS is being registered in Deliverect. For instance, when a new customer adds a location, you will receive the "register" event. After this event, it should be possible to sync products and insert orders into the POS.

The webhook payload contains information such as:

  • Deliverect account ID (accountId)
  • Deliverect location ID (locationId)
  • External location ID provided by the POS (externalLocationId)
  • Name of the location (locationName)

We always expect a JSON result containing the endpoints to:

  • Sync products from the POS to Deliverect (syncProductsURL)
  • Insert order from Deliverect to the POS (ordersWebhookURL)
  • Sync tables from the POS to Deliverect (syncTablesURL)
  • Sync floors from the POS to Deliverect (syncFloorsURL)

If an endpoint is empty or not included in this response, we will not use it.

    "locationName": "Space Bar"
  "ordersWebhookURL": "",
  "syncProductsURL": "",
  "syncTablesURL": "",
  "syncFloorsURL": ""