Cancel Delivery

Enables dispatch partner to cancel the delivery job with proper reason after delivery was accepted.

This endpoint allows a way of receiving notification from our partners that a job they have previously accepted is no longer possible to be dispatched by their system.

Currently cancelation is only supported for the below reason tags.


COURIER_NO_LONGER_AVAILABLEThere is no longer an available courier for the delivery
COURIER_TRANSPORT_FAILURECourier attempted to deliver but could not because of a transport failure (e.g., a flat tire)
FOOD_ITEMS_ARE_NOT_READYOrder was not ready within agreed time after pick up (between dispatch partner and merchant)
DROP_OFF_LOCATION_NOT_FOUNDCourier could not find the delivery location
CUSTOMER_UNRESPONSIVECustomer did not pick up the phone nor open the door.
PACKAGE_SIZE_TOO_LARGEThe package size is too large to be delivered

Find below the sample payload including the reason tag.

  "deliveryJobId": "6220a195af10fe8e6121257f",
  "deliveryFeeCharged": 4500,
  "extraDescription": "Customer did not pickup the phone nor showed up in door"


Cancellation cut-off time

You can cancel the delivery job with a valid reasonTag at any point before "Delivered".

You can also confirm the delivery job was cancelled on our side in our frontend. The order will have status "Delivery Cancelled" and there will be an update in the Courier Statuses history.

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