Create Order

Your channel integration can use this endpoint to place a new order or process a cancellation of an existing order.

Channel 'Scope'

The {channelname} represents the Scope provided to create orders.

If the channelname used is invalid or does not have access to an account, the request is considered unauthorised. Remember to write the channelname in lowercase letters.

Channel Link ID

The {channelLinkId} is the unique identifier of the channel in the restaurant location. Obtained via a registration webhook event delivered via Register Channel

If the channelLinkId used is invalid or has not been made available to your partner account, the request is considered unauthorised.

Order Types

Depending on the format of the order created, the relevant orderType should be sent;

TypeInteger Value
pick up1


Order Response

All orders sent in a valid format with correct scope applied will receive a 201. This does not indicate the POS has successfully processed the order, you should reference the events sent to your 'Order Status Update' webhook to understand if successful.

Request Parameters

See full list of order attributes;

▶ See Order Model


Details on processing discounts, payments, taxes or other charges in the guide below;

▶ Payments, Taxes, Other Charges

Create Orders for 3rd Party Dispatch / Last Mile Delivery

For platforms who don't directly handle delivery or aren't currently offering this order type, Deliverect allows for an order to be routed to an integrated 'Dispatch' service. Follow the link below to find out more about this option;

▶ See how to Create Orders for Dispatch
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