Update Store Status

This corresponds to the Deliverect function for 'Busy Mode'


This endpoint allows you to control whether an individual store or all stores within a location are active i.e. accepting online orders. This corresponds to the Deliverect function to set a store to 'Busy Mode' (see user guide here)

The isActive boolean will indicate whether the store is to be set active and accepting orders or not.

Please note that whilst channel platforms will support stores being set inactive, this doesn't always apply for an indefinite time. Many channels will revert any closed status at the end of normal operating hours.


This endpoint can be used to implement 'Busy Mode' in two different ways;

1. Set 'Active' state by Location

With the endpoint containing a valid /{locationId} this will have the effect of changing the store status of all stores within a location.

2. Set 'Active' state by Channel

Individual stores within a location can specified in an array of channelLinks, where the channelLinkId for each channel can be included this will apply to the entire location.

Set "Timed Busy Mode"

Additionally, when setting "isActive": false,i.e. turning 'Busy Mode' on, a time can be specified when this status should be automatically lifted. To disable the closed status, specify the time at which the store should re-open as "disableAt": "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ"

Opening hours need to be set at location level to use "Timed Busy Mode".

NB: Updating store status does not override a stores normal operating hours set.

Parameters *required

isActive * The flag to indicates that the store is to be set as busy/online (isActive)bool
channelLinkOptional to specify an array of channel link IDs to be put in busy/online morestr
disableAtOptional to specify a time at which the store should re-openstr
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