POST Update Store Status

This endpoint allows you specify whether a location is active online. This equals the Deliverect function of 'Busy Mode'.

By calling this endpoint, all channels in a location can be effectively 'Switched off' for an indefinite time. The other two variations on this allow for;

  • Specifying one or more channels to be set to 'Busy Mode'
  • Update the preparation time settings for the location

Requests should include the isActive flag to indicates whether the store is busy/online. If no channels are specified in the array channelLinks, this will apply to the entire location.

As a payload, we always expect a JSON that contains:

  • The flag to indicates that the store is to be set as busy/online (isActive)
  • [Optional] Array of channel link IDs to be put in busy/online more (channelLink)
  • [Optional] Change to preparation time setting for all locations (prepTime)


prepTime Updates

Please be aware that when specifying the preparation time this will change the setting for all channels within a location and cannot currently be applied to specific channels.

The prepTime will remain the setting in all channels within a location unless manually updated in the account or updated again via this same API method.

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