Create Delivery Job

Once a delivery job is validated a second webhook event will be sent to confirm the full details

Creates a delivery job for one or more orders. You will receive this request, after validating the delivery job and the merchant has assigned the delivery job to you.

▶ See Delivery Job Model


The create webhook needs to be standardized i.e. the same URL should be used for every customer install.

    "jobId": "609***72e",
    "account": "5f1***131",
    "pickupTime": "2021-05-13T13:40:04Z",
    "transportType": "unknown",
    "driverTip": 500,
    "pickupLocation": {
        "location": "606***555",
        "name": "Deliverect'\''s Pizza Place",
        "remarks": "please use the backdoor for order pickup",
        "street": "van Ghentlaan",
        "streetNumber": "3",
        "postalCode": "9000 LK",
        "city": "Leusden",
        "latitude": "52.379189",
        "longitude": "4.899431"
    "deliveryLocations": [
            "orderId": "609***4dd",
            "channelOrderDisplayId": "MT4YVTPL",
            "deliveryTime": "2021-05-13T13:55:00Z",
            "packageSize": "medium",
            "orderDescription": "hot food",
            "company": "BrainQuantums",
            "name": "V. Bertels",
            "street": "Refugehof",
            "streetNumber": "49",
            "postalCode": "9001 AB",
            "city": "Leusden",
            "phone": "+32123456789",
          	"phoneAccessCode" : "342241214",
            "deliveryRemarks": "Don'\''t ring door bell.",
            "latitude": "52.379189",
            "longitude": "4.899431",
            "payment": {
                "orderIsAlreadyPaid": true,
                "amount": 1100,
                "paymentType": 0
    "ageCheck": False

Here is an example of a response from your side.

  "jobId": "609***72e",
  "canDeliver": true,
  "pickupTimeETA": "2021-05-13T13:42:00Z",
  "externalJobId": "DJ123456",
  "distance": 4200,
  "price": {
    "price": 750,
    "taxRate": 10000
  "courier": {
    "courierId": "D1234",
    "firstName": "Delivery",
    "lastName": "Rider",
    "phoneNumber": "0032494112233",
    "transportType": "bicycle"
  "deliveryLocations": [
      "deliveryId": "ABC567",
      "orderId": "5f4***e2af",
      "channelOrderDisplayId": "MT4YVTPL",
      "deliveryTimeETA": "2021-05-13T13:57:00Z",
      "deliveryRemarks": ""    


externalJobId and deliveryId

It will be possible in future for multiple orders to be delivered as part of one delivery job externalJobId. This would allow for multiple deliveries deliveryId.

At the moment, it is acceptable to set the externalJobIdthe same value as the deliveryId



The parameter is available in the request payload. We will send the value “ageCheck”: True/False based on the content of the order.The purpose of this field in the payload is to allow our partners to support alcohol/tobacco that have an id requirement in a manner that supports confidence and growth. Default value false will be sent always.

NOTE : The tags(alcohol/tobacco) need to be present in the products for ageCheck detection when added to the order.