Cancel Delivery Job

A merchant or ordering channel may cancel the order, which in turn will cancel the delivery job

Cancel a delivery job after creation at the partner. This can happen from the merchant side, if dispatch of all the orders is impossible or the customer no longer wants the delivery. You will receive the following request from Deliverect.


The cancel webhook needs to be standardized i.e. the same URL should be used for every customer install.

    "jobId": "5c8fbfd3c6489f00010e50d1",
    "account": "5be9fe94c6489f0001b2fe57",
    "pickupLocation": {
        "location": "5ea823bc8b4c780001a674a9"
    "deliveryLocations": [
            "orderId": "5f47a223280a29046404e2af",
            "channelOrderDisplayId": "MT4YVTPL",
            "deliveryId": "ABC567"
    "courier": {
        "courierId": "D1234"

We expect the following response to confirm the cancellation is processed on your side.

  "status": "confirmed",
  "reason": "",
  "price": 0