POST Opening Hours

This endpoint allows the updating of opening hours for given locations.

The update can include channel specific opening hours, location specific opening hours and combination of them.

To push updated opening hours to channels set triggerUpdate equal to true for each location passed in the payload. Note: This will cause menu push.

If updating the opening hours where no action to publish updates is intended, set triggerUpdate to false

Removing the channel link Id from the channel object will publish the menu for all channel links under the location.


Availability when dates are not mentioned

If you don't include certain days in the request, this means that the online menu for these days will not be available for ordering in the online channels. Should you wish to have availability for all days of the week, you need to include all days in the request.

For a single entry, the fields are dayOfWeek, startTime, and endTime. An explanation of their use is in the table below.

dayOfWeekAn integer value that indicates the day of the week for this availability (starting at 1 for Monday).
startTimeA 24-hour HH:MM format notation of the start time of an availability.
endTimeA 24-hour HH:MM format notation of the end time of an availability.
triggerUpdateset True or False to initiate a menu push on all locations/channels.
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