Update Order Status


This endpoint allows a POS to update the status of an order at each stage in its preparation. It also allows for the modification of the pickupTime.

Required Statuses

Although it is not expected that every status listed via the link below will be supported, it is essential that all POS set statuses as follows.

ACCEPTEDEach order which is being processed should reach a statusACCEPTED (20) or higher. This is required by many channels who need confirmation whether the order was successful or not20
PICKUP_READYA status of PICKUP READYindicates that order preparation is completed. This ties into driver alerts for certain delivery platforms. Should only be an exception if this status is not known in the POS70
FINALIZEDA status FINALIZED confirms the POS workflow is fully completed. Should be applied by all POS. A status AUTO-FINALIZED (95) should only be used as alternative where no other status updates can be provided at all.90
CANCELEDThis status should be applied to confirm receipt of channel cancellations and will signify that the cancellation has been processed (see guide here) It should also be used if the POS supports cancelling orders.110
FAILEDIf for any reason it is not possible to process the order in the POS, it is essential to update order status to'FAILED' as this will be relayed to the ordering platform, who will in turn inform the end-consumer.120


Initial order response

Always acknowledge the initial order by responding 200 OK upon receipt of the Order Webhook URL before updating the order status accordingly.

▶ See All Order Statuses

Update pickup time

If the pickupTime is specified, the pickupTime and deliveryTime are returned and will display the updated time, on two conditions:

  • the updated pickupTime provided was valid (e.g., provided time is in the future)
  • the channel being updated supports updating preparation time

If no pickupTime is passed to the endpoint, the original values for pickupTime and deliveryTime are returned in the response.


▶ See how to process cancellations

Parameters *required

orderId * The _id that was sent to the POS order webhookstr
receiptId * Internal ID assigned by the POS typically in a human readable format to display on printed receipts. This may be the same as the orderId if no corresponding attribute is set by the POSstr
status * Status to be updatedint
pickupTimeTimestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZstr
deliveryTimeTimestamp is in UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZstr
reasonIt is an option to specify a reason for a status change e.g. if an order fails, a message 'ITEM OUT OF STOCK'str
timestampProviding the time when the status was updatedstr
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