POST Register KDS

Webhook called during registration of a KDS in Deliverect. For instance, when a new customer enables a KDS for a location, you will receive the register event.

Webhook payload contains information such as:

  • Deliverect account ID (accountId)
  • Deliverect location ID (locationId)
  • Customer reference from a KDS (externalReference)

We always expect a JSON result which contains the endpoints to:

  • Product Sync URL(productSyncUrl)
  • Create Order URL(orderWebhookUrl )
  • Update Order Status URL(orderStatusUpdateUrl )

If an endpoint is empty or not included in this response, we will not use it.

    "accountId": "606****475a3",
    "locationId": "606****500a6",
    "externalReference": "externalCustomerIdentifier"
    "productSyncUrl": "",
    "orderWebhookUrl": "",
    "orderStatusUpdateUrl": ""