POST Courier update


To receive courier-related updates while a location is using dispatch partners you need to listen to this webhook. It would be providing new information about the courier journey as soon as a change has been made to it :

  • deliveryTimeETA changes by greater or less than 60 seconds (UTC format)
  • Changes in courier name
  • The delivery partner has performed an action that resulted in the status change for the order
  • Coordinates where provided by Dispatch partner will be shared


Delivery Updates from Dispatch Partners

Note that this webhook is returning results only when there is a registered Dispatch partner that has integrated with our Dispatch API and is connected to the customer (restaurant, food business) account. It does not return results from channel partners that may also deliver the orders.


orderIdThe full unique ID from the delivery channel.
statusThe status from the list of value supported for updates.
deliveryTimeThe delivery time from the partner.
courierNameName of the courier delivery.
coordinatesThe coordinates object.

Available status for courier update

In DeliveryA 'top level' item on a menu (can also be grouped within a **modifier The Delivery partner has confirmed the job is assigned to a courier for the completion of the delivery80
Delivery CreatedIt would be set when Deliverect has assigned a dispatch partner to the delivery job81
En Route To PickupSpecific stage of the courier approaching the pickup location83
Arrived At PickupCourier has arrived at the pickup location85
En Route To DropoffSpecific stage of the courier approaching the drop off location87
DeliveredFinalized , order is fully handled and no further POS status updates are coming90
    "status": 82,
    "deliveryTime": "2022-01-31T11:48:02Z",
    "courierName": "John Doe",
    "coordinates": {

Response format