Sync Products

*This is a GET webhook set by the POS

This will be called when the user initiates a product sync from Deliverect. This should be responded to by calling the Insert/update products categories endpoint

Depending on your setup, there are two ways of responding to this GET request, either a-sync or sync

a-syncYou can respond with an empty HTTP 204then asynchronously send us products via Insert/update products categories. *
syncYou can choose to respond synchronously to the request by responding to the call directly with the same payload described on Insert/update products categories. *


Product Sync URL Format

As this URL will receive a simple GET request, you would need to provide a parameter within the URL to identify the location in the POS e.g.

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json'

Product Sync Preview

It is possible to perform a sync preview to understand how many product will be created, update or deleted without actually applying any updates.

To do this, add an extra url parameter ?previewSync and set to true e.g.

Product Soft Sync

A soft sync is where Deliverect identify whether more than 30% of existing items will be deleted (an item which has already been synced will be deleted if not included in a subsequent sync)

When Deliverect identify more than 30% deletion will occur, the entire update is not processed.

To apply this as a precaution to all sync requests, add ?forceUpdate and set to false e.g.