Order Delivery Update

A status update for an order happens when a delivery partner performs an action on that order.
Each incoming status update should be confirmed with an HTTP status 200.


Delivery Updates from Dispatch Partners

Note that this endpoint is returning results only when there is a registered Dispatch partner that has integrated with our Dispatch API and is connected to the customer (restaurant, food business) account. It does not return results from channel partners that may also deliver the orders.

The table below lists statuses and their corresponding integer value.

Deliverect status tagDescriptionInteger value
READY FOR PICKUPready for pickup70
IN DELIVERYen route to customer80
CANCELshould be voided100
CANCELEDhas been voided on POS110
PARSE FAILEDparsing failed124


FINALIZED means that the order is finalized in the POS. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the food has been delivered to the end customer.

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