POST Holiday Hours for Locations and ChannelLinks

The POST Holiday Hours for Locations and ChannelLinks endpoint allows partners to update holiday hours for a list of locations and their associated channel links. This endpoint provides flexibility in setting holiday hours both at the location level and for specific channel links within each location.

Request Body

The request body should be in JSON format and include an array of location objects. Each location object should contain the following information:

idThe locationId for the location that the holiday hours are being updatedstring
channelsAn array of channel link objects within the location, each with its own set of holiday hoursarray
idThe channelLinkIdstring
holidaysAn array of holiday periods during which the channel should remain closedarray
startTimeThe start time of the holiday period in ISO 8601 date-time format (e.g., "2021-12-19T15:53:00Z").timestamp
endTimeThe end time of the holiday period in ISO 8601 date-time format (e.g., "2021-12-19T16:10:00Z").timestamp

When you're making updates to a location and its associated channels, you have the option to set holiday hours for each channel individually.

If you only make changes to one channel within a location and don't specify holiday hours for the others, the location will default to using standard holiday hours.

Now, if your input data indicates holiday time slots for the location and for one or more specific channel links, those mentioned channel links will have their unique holiday hours. The other channel links, on the other hand, will still follow the holiday hours set at the location level.

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