Category Images on the Menu Push

When a customer creates a menu in Deliverect, an image for the category can be uploaded from Deliverect's Menu Builder. On the image below an image and description have been added for the category "Steak & Burgers"


After publishing your menu from the Deliverect interface to your channel, you will receive the menu JSON payload containing the image URL for the categories.

"categories": [{
        "_id": "68**********5",
        "name": "Steak & Burgers",
        "description": "Something from the Grill",
        "descriptionTranslations": {},
        "nameTranslations": {},
        "account": "68**********5",
        "posLocationId": "",
        "posCategoryType": "",
        "posCategoryId": "",
        "imageUrl": "",
        "subCategories": [],
        "products": ["62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208e2", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fa", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fd", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fc", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fe"],
        "availabilities": [],
        "level": 1,
        "menu": "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b42092b",
        "sortedChannelProductIds": [],
        "subProducts": ["62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208e2", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fa", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fd", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fc", "62331d0f7ea02f4d0b4208fe"],
        "subProductSortOrder": ["STK-01", "P-BRGR", "P-BURG-CHE", "P-BURG-CHK", "P-BURG-VEG"]