How to Retrieve Account Brands

What are brands?

Brands represent the grouping of a particular offering from a customer, typically a menu concept or otherwise unique aspect. These brands are then individually present on ordering platforms. They could be a range of ghost kitchens, for example.

How are brands structured?

A Deliverect account can include brands. The brand is set on the channel link, and is identifiable in orders as a unique ID.

How do I retrieve brands set in an account?

As a POS partner, you can query all the brands that exist in an account via GET account brands

You would then retrieve the name of the brand and it's unique ID.

{ "brands": [ 
     "name": "Brand 1", 
     "brandId": "601bd819bfc52ecea142bf9f" 
     "name": "Brand 2", 
     "brandId": "602131b4639578ac0da4588d" 
     "name": "Brand 3", 
     "brandId": "602cecade10d4dc9fe0f7fdc" 

Brand configured per channel (accessible by admins to apply subscriptions per brand)

Where does the Brand ID show?

If a brand ID is associated with an order sent to a POS via the Order Webhook or Reporting Endpoint, it will show as "brandId": "609a3f9858178a82cd401fac"

NB: Brands will be configured during account setup and Deliverect admins will set the brand subscription per channel added. Your Deliverect test account will have a brand configured.