How to Receive Orders For Delivery

How will orders for delivery be sent?

When a dispatch partner is configured within a customer account, Deliverect will send orders to a webhook supplied by the dispatch partner to be validated i.e. confirmed as deliverable.

Which type of orders will be sent for delivery?

Only orders where the delivery is specified as being managed by the restaurant.

What is the process of confirming orders for delivery?

The first webhook delivered is one requesting order validation. Once confirmed as deliverable, Deliverect sends a second webhook for the job creation.

Where do I put these webhooks in place?

Step 1. Go to the Dispatch section and click on Add partner

Step 2. Select the Generic option.

Step 3. Enter your webhooks for Validate Url, Create Url and Cancel Url. Enable "Active" toggle and Click on the Save button once finished.

This process is also shown in the video below.


I don't receive orders at my webhook

Check that the location has a valid address and the channel is set to Use Delivery System. You can find this option when clicking on the Edit button for the channel in the Locations page.