How to Receive Order Status Updates & Test With the Deliverect iPad App

What are order status updates?

Each order in Deliverect will move through various statuses to keep users informed of order progression (e.g. Accepted, Preparing, Ready for Pickup. For almost all integrations, orders will reach either a Finalised or if something goes wrong, a Failed status.

These statuses are set by a connected POS or provided by third-party delivery services.

How do I receive order status updates?

Each channel can set an Order Status Update URL within the channel link settings. This will send every status as it is applied.


How do I recreate status changes?

Even if not connected to a live POS, it is still possible to apply status updates by using our Delivery Manager App (DMA) on iPad. This gives you the ability to both receive orders and send back status updates.


Step 1. First, open this link on your iPad to install the staging Deliverect app on your iPad.

Step 2. Contact our API support team [email protected] and provide them with an email address not already registered in Deliverect. Also include the name of the customer account you want to use to test. This replicates customer account level access, which is different from that of a partner account).

Step 3. We will then send you an invitation with the correct user roles applied. Once received, accept it.

Step 4. Open the Deliverect Testflight app and log in using the email address provided to the API support team.

Step 5. Follow this guide on how to update statuses inside the Delivery Manager App (also details all possible statuses).