Creating Orders

What is needed to create orders?

When developing an integration, we will provide you access to a test customer account. The account will contain customer locations, each of which will be configured with a channel. The channels will serve as your link between orders you create online and the customer location.

To create orders, you will need:

  • Channel link ID: This is the unique identifier of the channel in the customer location.
  • Channel Name: This is a scope that we provide and permits access to the dispatch order endpoint (the channel name is case sensitive).

How should the dispatch delivery order be configured?

In reference to the above, you would include the Channel Link ID and Channel Name in the Dispatch Delivery Order endpoint as follows:

For further reference on how to work with this endpoint, see our documentation here.

Other Info

You can view the sample format of dispatching an order in our API Docs

It also includes variations, such as:

  • Tax inclusive/exclusive orders
  • Order cancellations
  • Eat-in orders (with table number)


Authorization error

If you are getting the below response, it is an issue with the ChannelName (scope) used, check that this is being included, do note that it is also case sensitive.

{"code":"Authorization error","description":"you're not allowed to send in orders"}

Orders not appearing, although showing 200 OK

Check your pickupTime, as this is the date range selector format. If you use the sample date "2020-03-09T17:17:38Z", you would need to select March 9th 2020 to see your order.
Also, ensure that you are using a unique order ID as orders with duplicate IDs will not be viewable in the system and are hidden as duplicates.

Orders are failing

Check the order failure message. Invalid PLUs will mean that you are not creating orders with valid PLUs that exist in your test customer account.