Default Order Status for Dummy POS

Dummy POS

When you start building your integration the API team provides you with access to a staging environment and API keys to get authentication in order to call our Endpoints.

The staging environment is configured with Dummy POS settings in order to help you receive orders in the account as in production, where an actual POS will be connected.

In the location settings for the Dummy POS we can configure a default order status update. This means that every time you dispatch an order, the system will assign this status to the order. The default status is Received.


Failed Orders

In order to test a Failed order and the corresponding order status updated that is posted to your webhook, we will need to change the default status of the Dummy POS to "Failed".


You can request this from the API team, while you are testing the order status updates.

The rest of the status updates, i.e Accepted, Preparing, Finalised etc will be tested by using our DMA. There is a separate guide for that purpose.