Release an Order to the POS After a Courier Is Assigned


The Courier Nearby Order Release setting allows for an order to be released to a POS only after it receives an "En Route to Pickup" status update from the delivery channel or dispatch partner.


  1. The channel must have a configured Order Status Webhook URL to receive updates about the order status changes. Read this guide about registering a channel.

  2. Your Status Webhook URL can receive a status event "Scheduled" (status value 25) for every order created.

    "orderId": "656f13506bbb6cf17d5c7ce3",
    "status": 25,
    "timeStamp": "2023-12-05T12:10:56.831498Z",
    "receiptId": "",
    "reason": "Waiting for order to be released by Channel",
    "channelOrderId": "TEST1743",
    "location": "61c30761e4******1ee072af",
    "channelLink": "64f999f4*******720009e3"
  1. Be able to use the provided "Update Courier Status" endpoint to inform Deliverect about the courier's status changes.


If a merchant uses Dispatch from Deliverect, then updating the courier status from the channel side is not required. The order is injected into the POS once the dispatch partner updates the courier status to "En Route to Pick Up".


Step 1. Log in to the staging environment and follow the instructions in this help article to find the edit page for your channel.

Step 2. Activate the Courier Nearby Order Release toggle. Select the Save button at the bottom of the page. Orders created by the channel are set to the "Scheduled" status (value 25).

Step 3. To trigger the injection of orders to the POS webhook, the channel must use the "Update Courier Status" endpoint. When the courier is en route to pick up, send a request to the Update Courier Status endpoint with the appropriate parameters and set the status value to 83.

  "channelOrderId": "63171d******d34b5efe",
  "courierUpdate": {
    "status": 83,
    "arrivalTime": "2022-10-25T16:24:40.482000Z",
    "deliveryTime": "2022-10-25T16:54:40.482000Z",
    "courier": {
      "firstName": "Joe",
      "lastName": "Driver",
      "phoneNumber": "+44 20 3936 1162"

Step 4. The order is injected into the POS webhook once our system receives the "En route to pick up" courier status update.