How Service Charges, Delivery Costs, & Tips are Sent

What support does Deliverect have for additional costs?

Our channel partners may charge a delivery cost, service charge, or give the option to the customer placing the order to add a tip.

How will this show in orders?

When we send orders to the POS there are specific keys in the payload

"deliveryCost": 200,
"serviceCharge" : 200,
"tip" : 300,

How can these be tested?

To apply the above to a test order:

Step 1. Go to Menus page 1 and click on the Preview Menu button 2.

Step 2. Add an item to the cart.

Step 3. Click on Add info.

Step 4. Set a tip, delivery fee, and service charge.

Step 5. Click on Save Edits button.

Step 6. Now, click on Place Order.


  • I have added an extra fee but it doesn't appear.
    Go to the Locations page and click on the Edit button for the location. Here, make sure that the toggles in the Order Payment section are enabled. These allow for them to be passed on to the POS.