Service Charges, Delivery Costs, and Tips


Our channel partners may charge a delivery cost or service charge and give customers the option to add a tip to their orders.

How this is shown in orders

Specific keys are present in the payload when we send orders to the POS:

"deliveryCost": 200,
"serviceCharge" : 200,
"tip" : 300,

How to test

You can apply additional costs to a test order by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to your customer account on staging.

Step 2. Select Menus in the sidebar.

Step 3. Find the menu you want to test, select the icon , and choose Preview .

Step 4. Add one or multiple items to your basket.

Step 5. Select the basket icon.

Step 6. Select the Add info button.

Step 7. Set the additional costs.

  • Tip
  • Delivery fee
  • Service charge

Once ready, select the Save Edits button.

Step 8. Select Place Order.


  • Extra fee not appearing
    Go to the Locations page and select the Edit button for the location. Ensure the following toggles in the Order Payment section are active.
    • Send Discounts
    • Send Delivery Fee
    • Send Service Charge
    • Send Tip