Using DMA with Deliverect Dispatch

Despite Dispatch being able to run without human intervention, our Deliverect app is the most ideal way to interact with the the fulfilment process. It allows restaurants to manually select delivery-partners, follow any status and rider-location updates sent to us by our delivery partners and, most importantly, intervene when something unexpected happens.


Once you are provided with a test account from the API team, you can ask for a user invitation for our deliverect app and follow the instructions in our guide on how to install the app. The UI in the app will look like this:



The requires attention block


This block will show all orders that require attention. This means one of the following things:

  • The order in question has been accepted but has no delivery-system assigned. This is the case in the screenshot: you see that the countdown-timer is running. Once this runs out, Dispatch automatically assigns a system for us.
  • The order in question has a pickup-time that is less than 5 minutes away but is not yet marked as "ready for pickup"
  • The order got nothing but errors from delivery-partners, implying something needs intervention.

Manually assigning a partner

If a partner has not been assigned, a button is shown to allow the restaurant to select a delivery-system:


Pressing this button opens a modal where all possible delivery-systems are shown. We display expected time of pickup/delivery and the estimated price for the delivery. Whether or not we show this depends on whether we receive this information from the delivery partner or not.


We see that the countdown-timer is shown here as well. Once time runs out, the partner highlighted in blue will be automatically selected. There's also a button labeled "Refresh offers": pressing this button will fetch new offers from the partners. This is different from the big refresh button on top of the list of orders; pressing that button results in refreshing the orders.


After assigning a delivery-system, the selected system will be shown in the UI. It will appear on top of the order-detail, underneath the channel that gave us the order:


This will update as we receive more information and will most likely happen in two steps. First a rider will be assigned by the delivery-system, when we receive this update we will show the name together with the delivery-system name:


During delivery, we receive location-updates from the partners. Once we receive this the UI will adapt once again to allow the user to open a map where the last known location of the rider can be seen:


Pressing "Locate Rider" will open a map that will show the location of the restaurant, the last known-location of the rider and the drop-off point:


The "help" modal

The help-modal centralises some information regarding the delivery. Depending on the availability of these pieces of information, the following can be shown/done in this modal:

  • the customers phone number

  • the rider's phone number

  • the phone number of the delivery system

  • a button to open the rider map, the same as we discussed in the previous point

  • a button to cancel delivery


Error logging

Whenever errors happen they will be shown in the DMA.


Pressing view the order will take the restaurant to the actual order, were the errors are shown as well:



Partners can cancel the delivery job by clicking on "More Options" > Cancel Order.