Nutritional Information, Additives and Ingredients

Nutritional Information

Local legislation may require that you pass nutritional information, additives and ingredients as part of the product information.

You can pass this information with the product push/sync payload via the object "nutritionalInfo" and "supplementalInfo".

Nutritional information includes: fat, sugar, saturated fat, carbohydrates, protein, salt.

Supplemental information includes any ingredients and/or additives and can be passed as a list of strings.


The unit of the values is gram.

"nutritionalInfo": {
                "fat": 1,
                "sugar": 4,
                "saturatedFat": 1,
                "carbohydrates": 1,
                "protein": 1,
                "salt": 1
          "supplementalInfo": {
          "instructionsForUse": "Cool before drink.",
          "ingredients": [
          "additives": [
            "Artificial Food Coloring",
            "Sodium Nitrite",
          "prepackaged": true,
          "deposit": 0