PLUs With # In Menu Pushes

When you publish your menu from the Deliverect interface to your channel, you will receive the menu JSON payload as in the sample provided in our technical documentation.

A product can exist on its own, but it can also be under a bundle. When that happens, the product may not have the same price as the original product. Because of this, you may see products with the same PLU but with number signs (#) added.


A product called "Fanta" with a price of €1.50 has the following data:

60b8a345a2c6d5c0f9a8306e": {
"name": "Fanta",
"description": "330ml",
"_id": "60b8a345xxx0f9a8306e",
"account": "60ae589bxxxxe232a2d99",
"location": "60ae5xxxb637e232a2db1",
"productType": 1,
"plu": "DRN-03",
"price": 150,

And the same product as part of a bundle is shown below. Notice how the PLU for this product is DRN-03###.

"_id": "60e3110c2bd73d0eec98cd21",
"account": "60ae589xxxx232a2d99",
"location": "60ae5xxxxb637e232a2db1",
"productType": 1,
"plu": "DRN-03###",
"price": 0,

If you were to snooze the product with the PLU DRN-03 from the Snooze tab of your Deliverect test account, this would also snooze all other instances of the product.

By publishing the menu, you would see that under the object snoozed_items.

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