How to receive courier status updates

To stay updated on courier-related information and changes during a delivery, you can implement a webhook that listens for updates triggered by changes in the courier journey. This webhook provides real-time information about the courier's activities and status changes.

1. Purpose of the Webhook

The courier status update webhook allows you to receive immediate updates whenever there is a change in the courier's journey. These updates include the following:

  • Changes in the estimated delivery time (deliveryTimeETA) by greater or less than 60 seconds (in UTC format).
  • Changes in the courier's name.
  • Actions performed by the delivery partner that result in a status change for the order.
  • Coordinates provided by the Dispatch partner.


Before implementing the webhook, ensure the following:

There is a registered Dispatch partner that has integrated with our Dispatch API and is connected to the customer (restaurant, food business) account. This webhook does not return results for channel partners who may also deliver orders.

2. API Reference

For a comprehensive list of request key definitions and available status updates, please refer to our Courier Status Update API reference..

3. Webhook Configuration

Configure your webhook to listen to updates as specified in the documentation. The webhook should respond with a 200 OK status to acknowledge the receipt of updates.


Keep in mind that the webhook provides real-time updates, so your system should be designed to handle these updates promptly.


You can use the information received to keep your customers informed about the progress of their deliveries!