Create a Menu

Getting started

Step 1. Navigate to the Menus page in the sidebar


Step 2. Click on the +Create button.


Step 3. You will now have two options to choose from.

Option 1 - Create menu: Start building a new menu without importing data. Follow the instructions directly below.

Option 2 - Create menu group: This allows you to organize your menu page by grouping related menus.


Import Menu

Kindly note this option is not available for the staging environment. For testing purposes you will need to create a menu based on the products that exist in the POS and are pushed/synced to Deliverect.


Create menu

Step 4. Complete the following fields:

Menu Image: Upload an image to display on your menu.
Menu Name: This name will be shown to customers on your channels.
Internal Menu Name (optional): By adding a name, you can easily distinguish this menu. This name won't be shown outside of Deliverect.
Menu Description (optional): Provide additional information about this menu.
Type: How customers will receive their orders (delivery, pickup, etc).
Use Products From: Choose which location to use.

Click on the Save Menu And Create Categories button once ready.


Step 5. Now is the time to add categories to your menu. Click on +Add Category.


Step 6. Enter a name for this category and optionally a description.


Step 7. Once the category has been created, you can add items to it. To do so, click on the add menu items button. If you do not yet have any products in Deliverect, view this article on how to sync products from your POS.


Step 8. Choose the products you would like to add to your menu. You can select multiple at once and search for products. Click on the Add Products button once ready.


Step 9. You can re-arrange your products by clicking and dragging them by the area circled below.


Or you can sort them by name or price with the Sort Menu Items button.


Finishing up

To save or publish your menu, click on those buttons at the bottom of the page.


Opening hours

Before publishing your menu, remember to first set your Available Times/Opening hours.