Understanding Sub-Categories via Menu Grouping

A typical menu will comprise of several categories with products contained in each.

For some customers, they prefer their categories to be further divided into sub-categories which helps manage larger product offerings e.g. Grocery stores

Below would be an example of the types of scenarios where categories > sub-categories apply;

Snacks- Crisps - Nuts - Sandwiches
Beverages- Soft Drinks - Fruit Smoothies - Energy Drinks
Confectionary- Chocolate - Sweets
Hot Drinks- Coffee - Tea
Bakery- Pastries - Bread - Cakes

Menu Grouping

Deliverect supports the above structure. Firstly, each category above would need created as a new menu. Within each menu, categories would be added as normal, but these will represent the Sub-Categories as above.

Menus created in this way can then be grouped together and published as a single JSON file to a channel.