Sub-Categories via Menu Grouping


A typical menu comprises multiple categories containing products.

Some customers prefer categories to be further divided into subcategories, which helps to manage larger product offerings (e.g., grocery stores). Deliverect has support for this.


Step 1. Each category is created as a new menu in Deliverect. Within each menu, categories are added to represent the subcategories.

Step 2. The menus are added to a menu group.

Step 3. The menu group is selected in the Publish menus page. All menus are then published simultaneously as a single JSON file to a channel.


Below is the desired category structure of a customer:

Snacks• Nuts
• Sandwiches
Beverages• Soft drinks
• Fruit smoothies
• Energy drinks
Confectionary• Chocolate
• Sweets
Hot Drinks• Coffee
• Tea
Bakery• Pastries
• Bread
• Cakes

To create this structure for Snacks, the customer would do the following:

  1. Create a menu called Snacks.
  2. Create the categories:
    1. Nuts
    2. Sandwiches
  3. Add the products to the categories.

They would then repeat this process for all other categories.