Master Location set up and how to work with it

Why using Master Location ?

A customer who has the same products shared across multiple locations e.g. a brand/chain will often be configured with a 'Master Location'. This would mean that, for example, 'Restaurant HQ' would be set as the master location and this is where the POS would push the entire product inventory.

Therefore, products will not be pushed to any other locations (Location 2, Location 3,...etc) as these will be configured to 'Use the master location'

When configured, online orders will then reference the master products or products specific to the location.

How do you configure a Master Location?

During Deliverect onboarding, it would be established if a customer needs this setting in place and we will configure this setting. On our frontend, this will then show beside the Master Location as below.


All locations which should reference the products from the Master Location will be set individually to 'Use Master Location' (see toggle below from location settings)


It is possible to have some locations within a customer account not reference the Master Location products, in this case, products will need specifically to be pushed to their location and built into their menu.