Creating Orders for Eat-in With a Table Number

What is eat-in?

There are four order types in the Deliverect API, eat in denotes an order from a customer who is in the venue. This would then be combined with a table number so the restaurant knows where to serve the order to.

TypeInteger value
eat in3

How should the order type and table number be set?
To set the order type:

"orderType": 3,

To include table number:
"table": "Table 72",

This will show in Deliverect as below and will also be passed to the POS within the order notes.

Does this automatically open the order on a POS table?

Adding a table number as above won't open the order on this table on the POS. For a direct table integration, this would require the table ID, see the GET POS Tables from Location endpoint for obtaining the table ID.


Not all POS systems currently return the table IDs.