How to implement the Register Webhook URL

Register POS webhook URL

The Register POS webhook url is where we send the information of a new location that needs to be registered to your POS.
You will need to create a webhook for that purpose and add it in the Deliverect account in staging.

Once your integration is live in production, we will add this URL in our backend. While in testing, this needs to be configured in the Deliverect customer account settings of your staging environment.


Standardised URL

The register webhook needs to be standardised i.e. the same URL should be used for every customer install.

How to Save your Register Webhook URL in staging

In order to save your register POS webhook URL, you need to go to your test account in the staging environment. Go to Locations and click on "Edit".

Here, you can enter the POS store id of the location and the register URL on the respective fields.


Location Id

The location id that you see in the settings refers to the "external location id" that comes from your side. This is not to be confused with the Deliverect locationId.

Register Event

Once you fill in the external location id (optional) and the register POS webhook URL, you can then click on Register.

This will trigger an API call to your Register webhook URL. In this call, Deliverect will send you the following information:

    "locationName": "location name"

What we expect is that your webhook responds with the rest of the webhook URLs for that specific location. See the example below:

  "ordersWebhookURL": "",
  "syncProductsURL": "",
  "syncTablesURL": "",
  "syncFloorsURL": ""