Retrieve the Account ID and Location ID

What do I need Account ID and Location ID for?

A POS will need to establish a connection with a Deliverect account to perform various actions. For example, for inserting products/categories or updating order statuses.
At the outset of any POS integration, you will need to obtain the Account ID and the Location ID(s) of a customer account and map them accordingly in your POS. You should apply these methods in staging as these will be required when moving to production.

How do I retrieve the Account ID?

When building a POS integration with Deliverect, we will provide you with API credentials for your partner account. To this partner account, we will connect one test customer account. You will be able to retrieve the ID of this account via the GET Linked Accounts endpoint at

At this endpoint, you will see your partner account listed as "accountType": 1 and the connected customer listed as "accountType": 3.

The ID will be shown as "_id": "{ACCOUNT_ID}",.

How do I retrieve the Location ID?

Once you have the Account ID, the method of retrieving the Location ID is via the Get Locations endpoint.

With this endpoint, the name of each location of the customer's account will be returned, along with the ID in the format "_id": "{LOCATION_ID}",.

Postman example

View the recording below on retrieving an Account ID and its available Location IDs using Postman.

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